About Crom Marine

Crom Marine has been in the business of manufacturing high quality replacement parts for marine engines and selling them over the internet since 2007. We started by selling parts exclusively for the engines of Volvo Penta, but later on we also began to sell parts for the engines produced by Yanmar in 2010.

Today the company has 4 employees, all with long experience of the marine industry, and not just manufacturing but also as service engineers, boat racing, and boat building are just some of the marine fields we have experience within, as well as 3000 different replacement parts including various kits to renovate, or just to service the engine, picked together by hand to make sure nothing will be missing when the seals are broken by the customer. 

We know by own experience that boat owners prefer to be out in their boats instead of visiting the local service mechanic with engine trouble. 

That's why our first priority is to manufacture products of high quality but at a reasonable price, since we plan to be in business for a long time. Our second priority is to keep a high service level towards our customers regarding new products, updates, availability, delivery etc.

For the past years we have been producing replacement parts for Volvo Penta and Yanmar engines, other brands will be introduced when we are certain that we can deliver the parts associated to them according to our quality standards.

Within our webshop you will be able to see the different products we sell to each type of engine. The only information you need is your engine model and all the products we carry for that engine is shown in the shop, or you can search the shop with the Volvo Penta product number for a specific part. You will be able purchase the items directly by customer registration and a credit card around the clock where ever you are, as well as  follow our latest updates for your engine and if you have any requests, please send us an e-mail and tell us about it.


Crom Marine, Båtsmansvägen 16, S-181 41 Lidingö, Sweden

Tel: +46-8-731 6750, Fax +46-8-731 6759, E-mail: crom@crommarine.com